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What We Do?

Here at Oyster we provide simple and effective solution. Due to our extensive development program we continually search for new an innovative ides, listening to our customers and providing solutions. Our products are under constant review to improve and keep us ahead of our competitors. The company is committed to progress and have spent a lot of time researching the industry and the way it works. We have employed highly skilled staff and used the most up to date development tools to produce the systems and packages we have today. We have developed partnerships and resellers agreements with a number of well established companies, and have the flexibility to integrate with most other applications. This has given our customer a greater choice when determining solutions. You are no longer tied into an account system that has been specially written to accompany you Transport Management System, you no longer forced to purchase a tracker system or an internet system that is unique. Freedom to make choices gives you more flexibility.

Furthermore, we have a detailed analysis process which can determine the outcome of accident through the use of the charts.

Software Customers

With the use of structured methodology such Prince II and Agile project mamangement tools we are able to provide a bespoke software solution that is cost effective and perfect for your particular application. No longer do you need to train your staff to work around the system but you can have a system that works the way you do. We supply a standard solution dependant on your industry but can customise this solution to fit your particular operations. Finally, with our experience intergration team we able to provide integrated solution to ensure that your valuable data is collated centrally and works with your present set up.We have provided a service for top brand name comapnies like the Co-operative, Sainsbury and Morrisons plus blue chip companies such as Phillips, Conoco Oil & Gas and Texeco. More importantly we have provided many small business throught the Europe with software solution tthat has been perfect for them. In the haulage industry we have worked with Fashion Logistics, Hayton Coulthard, Wincanton and many large operational fleets.

Management Consultancy

We have acted as consultancy to many brand name companies including The LAW SOCIETY developing resource management and time keeping software for solicitors

Traffic Sheet

Traffic Sheet