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Oyster is now in the enviable position of offering a complete suite of programs to cope with the various demands of the haulage industry. We are confident we have a solution to cope with a variety of work from the simple pick and go company to a complete international distributor. One of the secrets of our success has been to be honest about our products. Our objective is to sell you the correct solution, one that you are totally convinced of and confident in. All our products come with a 100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied.

Master Plan has been the driving force behind our development. Within one simple package we are now able to offer our customer a multitude of solutions.

Features: Use of a spreadsheet for planning of all daily activities. Scheduling of work for vehicles and drivers. Sorting of all data entries made into customerís own designed fields. Defined sort for Vehicle, Trailer or any other chosen fields. Filters types of haulage and/or goods. Select to view a depot operation and all related jobs. Full details of a job, retrieved via mouse clicks. Customise of layout of the Traffic Sheet. Keyboard shortcuts with single character search on fields. All data entries can be made via keyboard and/or mouse. Easy and simple search facilities for all database entries. Display of Time and Date at all times to assist in planning. Simple method for duplications and repeated work schedule Help guide to assist in data entry

Latest News

07.05.12 Oyster releases the WINDOWS 7 version of Home Run: A number companies have recently purchased the upgrade to Windows 7 version of the Home Run package.

02.07.12 Two new students have obtained training places with Oyster. The introduction of two new employes to the company has gone down well with current employees bring new faces to a well established organisation is always a good thing says Mike Sutton - General Manager

The Future

Oyster plans to release a Windows 8 version of the software in the third quarter of next year 2013. In addition there will be a new Internation package due to be relased at the start of 2013


We have a large number of success through recommendation if you are a curent customer and wish to reduce your cost even further please recommend us to your colleagues we will discount any additional product or service you purchase by a much as 50%.