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Features & Benefits

  • Use of a spreadsheet for planning of all daily activities.
  • Scheduling of work for vehicles and drivers.
  • Sorting of all data entries made into customerís own designed fields.
  • Defined sort for Vehicle, Trailer or any other chosen fields.
  • Filters types of haulage and/or goods.
  • Select to view a depot operation and all related jobs.
  • Full details of a job, retrieved via mouse clicks.
  • Customise of layout of the Traffic Sheet.
  • Keyboard shortcuts with single character search on fields.
  • All data entries can be made via keyboard and/or mouse.
  • Easy and simple search facilities for all database entries.
  • Display of Time and Date at all times to assist in planning.
  • Simple method for duplications and repeated work schedule
  • Help guide to assist in data entry

Furthermore, we have a detailed analysis process (Accident Reports) which can determine the outcome of accident through the use of the charts. Forsensic Analysis providing minute by minute account of the time leading up to the accident could be vital to determine the outcome of any legal proceedings.

Finally, in addition to the standard chart analysis service we can produce detailed management reports to montior performance of drivers and veheciles and calculate cost centers for quotation.

Question & Answer

Buying a Transport Management System should be as simple as buying a vehicle, and should be as easy to use. Our research has shown that 58% of companies have systems in place that are too complicated and difficult to use, hence only a small percentage of their system is actually understood. In fact many companies are using their Transport Management System as a very expensive accounts package, to produce invoices. It 's a great shame they did not receive the correct advice at the time. Many have found the market leaders in the supply of Transport Management Systems have failed to deliver in every area of customer satisfaction. The haulage industry is far more complicated today than it has ever been. The demands of ensuring that a load meets the deadline for your customers and makes a profit for your company are great. Oyster has spent over six years understanding these demands producing a package that will enhance your ability to provide the results when it matters. We understand that profit margins are tight, fuel cost is paramount, drivers wages accounting for, so we have produced a package that will keep a real time record of all these parameters (JOB COST). Most importantly, we can use this information to give you an accurate costing of all your jobs before you actually do them (ROUTING). Master Plan has been designed to give us the flexibility to provide building blocks for each individual company to change and customise, this gives us a major advantage in providing you with the correct solution.